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With Dial A Word you not only get a word number, but a fully packaged promotional marketing solution.

How it Works » The Benefits

What your business can achieve from a Word Number.
  • Exclusivity
    Ultimate number in your industry set you apart from the rest, when someone call your unique word number within your area - you get the call - easy to remember and it tell people what you do.

  • Status
    Not anyone has a personalized number, client realize there’s something special about your business.

  • Word of mouth
    Very easy to remember and pass on your telephone word number.

  • Simplicity
    Client’s may forget your name but not what you do and thus your word number.
    Leads unlimited - More leads generated, means more business and increased profits.

  • Passive income
    More business leads generated than you can comfortably deal with can be referred to other selected service providers in your area who can pay you a commission on business generated in this way.

  • Mobility
    Moving premises? No problem, your unique Dial A Word number can be redirected to your new number.

  • Investment
    The Dial A Word number is not only a powerful proven marketing tool but also a valuable asset to any business which gives you a real advantage over the competition.
Remember there is only one number available in your area. Act now, before the competition does!